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Welcome to MPSBB
  • Biodiversity is the variety of life found on earth which includes plants, animals and microorganisms as well. India is one of the 17 mega bio-diverse countries of the World. With 2.5% land area of the World, India accounts for 7.5% of World's biodiversity.
Historical Backdrop
  • The rising concerns over loss of biodiversity at global level culminated in Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in 1992 at Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil. India being a party to CBD enacted Biological Diversity Act in 2002. The Biological Diversity Act, 2002 has three objectives viz Conservation, Sustainable use of biological resource and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of use of biological resources.
  • A three tier structure has been established with National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) at the apex, State Biodiversity Board (SBB) at provincial level and Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC) at the local bodies level for achieving these objectives.
Madhya Pradesh State Biodiversity Board
  • Madhya Pradesh State Biodiversity Board has been constituted by the State Government as per the provisions of Biological Diversity Act, 2002 notified by the Government of India. Madhya Pradesh Biological Diversity Rules, 2004 were notified by the State Government on 17.12.2004 under the provision of Section 63 (1) of Biological Diversity Act, 2002. The notification regarding the constitution of Board was issued on 11th April. 2005.
The objectives of the Board are
  • Conservation of biodiversity,
  • Sustainable use of its components and
  • Equitable shearing of benefits arising out of the use of biological resources and associated traditional knowledge.
Activity at a Glance


  • IBD

  • Annual Biodiversity Award

  • Wildlife Week

  • Wildlife Week

News & Events

Extend Date of State Level Annual Biodiversity Award 2023
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State Level Annual Biodiversity Award 2023
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Result of State Level MPBDQ 2023
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Result of Sparrow Competition
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Notification of Rare, Endemic & Threatened (RET) Species Hetu Abhimat
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Order of ABS Rate for Traders
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Order of ABS MoU Tenure (05 Years) for Traders and Manufactures
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Traders SOP 2022 (Updated on Nov. 2022)
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Result of State Level Annual Biodiversity Award 2021
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Notification BHS Amarkantak
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Access and Benefit Sharing Guidelines Presentation
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Digital PBR Format
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Digital PBR Format Word File
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JFMC - BMC Order
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BMC Order
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Ex-Officio Notification
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Amendment MPBD Rules 2004
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Form - 1 for Traders
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Form - 1 for Traders(Word File)
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Form - 1 for Manufactures
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Form -1 for Manufactures(Word File)
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Guideline of Project
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